Outfit: Autumn grey day.

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Outfit: Autumn gray day.

Outfit: Autumn gray day.

Bloggers are probably the best known of the autumn sessions „in the leaves”. Lying, sitting or standing! Beautiful October – November aura favors a beautiful photographic staff, so what’s surprising, these sessions always fall out beautifully!

Autumn is my favorite season. If one day I would decide to marry in Poland, it would be a modest ceremony organized in the woods, amid gold brown leaves, with wooden accents and a bouquet of maroon seasonal flowers. I am always looking forward to this season because I love coats and all possible as I say „naciepki”, not to mention how much I like headgear and all kinds of bands! And these colors, ahhh! Year by year, gray, bottled greens, mustard and crimson dominate. Determining the best I feel in gray and as it turns out many things that I have are just in this color. Today, I will show you that you can get dressed in one color and look good and not boring.


For some time it has been very fashionable to combine colors with one color tone, i.e. within one color only in different shades. For example, for a fuchsia coat we put on a pale pink scarf (in this case the contrast is quite big and visible) or navy blue trousers choose a dark blue top (here the colors do not contrast so much but the difference is noticeable).

My contemporary stylization is a combination of different shades of gray. Starting from a mini melange-colored dress (fairly light shade of gray) with a darker denim katana in a graphite-like color. The whole hat, which color is somewhere in the middle of my stylization and perfectly complements it. The whole is complemented by black accessories – strap, shoes, purse and Zip Fashion brooch in the shape of hearts. I love to play with the details in my designs and in this case I will draw your attention to the fact that the pearls on the jacket match the bracelet and the brooch heart matches the handbag perfectly – it looks like it has always been there! <3

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    • konstylencja

      Kapeluszy mam sporo, więc z pewnością coś się jeszcze pojawi! <3

    • konstylencja

      dziękuję <3 jak będziesz kiedyś na Śląsku polecam park w Chorzowie <3

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